Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Will Power Exercise Day Four

I am trying to decide if I should declare that I took the weekend off from my will-ups, or pay penance and do 2 more tack-drops today...I'm feeling kinda busy, so let's say I took the weekend off and my penance is that I will carry the experiment forward an extra 2 days at the end.

It's still difficult manifesting contentment, focusing on dropping the tacks and nothing else, while declaring "I will to will." That said, it's slightly less difficult and slightly more enjoyable than it was at the start. At 1/3 into the task, I thought "This is taking FOREVER!" then I reminded myself "Maintain contentment!"

But at 2/3 into the box I thought, "Wow! I'm almost finished. That wasn't so bad." and my contentment increased all on its own. And when I had only 4 tacks left, I super slowed down, as I was enjoying the focus. Maybe there's hope for me at last!

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