Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heath Bunting's Day Planning

At Interactive Screen this year, I met Heath Bunting, along with a bunch of really inspired folks.
Heath's a retired artist who's artfully living his life. While in Banff, he built a rope swing, got really good at throwing rocks, and joined me on a paddle down the Bow River as well as a hike to Bourgeau Lake. On the hike we talked about his Day Pl
anning approach and I downloaded his little book. I highly recommend grabbing it.

He makes a great point that if you plan your day and execute effectively, you can spend more time the way you intend, "A day plan can be used to ring fence time and place for personal pleasure and growth." Isn't that much better than a work To Do list as long as your thigh?

What I really like is that Heath encourages thinking about the landmark or locations where you want to be, as well as the actions. Something that makes
huge sense in the mountains where I live, is having a day plan for good weather and one for bad.

The location thing is great because certain places evoke certain actions and moods. Mapping the locations and your movement through them helps to make the day seem real before you execute it, and helps pre-experience what your intention will deliver. Try it!
Map out what you want to do, and get to it.