Monday, January 9, 2012

Walk at Work

A beloved friend who has also been a client told me this morning that when Steve Jobs had something important to say, he would go for a walk with that person. How fitting that I was walking while talking "with" my friend when I heard this. He was in Toronto, I in Canmore, and through the beauty of the iPhone, I was able to capture some of the sites I saw while we walked together. His words were the "soundtrack" to the live film before me.

These are for you, John. Now you can see the openness into which I yelled for the lost dog to return.
Yamnuska, before he became lost. Too many good smells, sooo little free-time.

Looking East at one of the 3 sisters.

Looking West up the Bow River tributary

Dawn comes late in Canmore. It's about 9am.

The sky may not be big, but it's glorious here.

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