Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daddy's birthday

Ah, my Daddy. It’s his birthday today. He amazes me. He’s been retired now over 20 years. I remember him wondering what he would do with himself when he retired. And now he fills every day. Golf games. Coaching or cheering on grandkids at any of their sports/games. Driving across Toronto to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. Swimming. Working out. Doing stretches. Getting massages from Fred. Walking Poco the dog. Giving business advice. Getting investment advice. Reading the paper. Watching stocks online. Trading e-mails with his golf cronies. Advising on the pro shop or course redesign. Resolving conflict. Husking corn. Lots of corn. He loves the stuff. He loves life. And he seems to love who he is. Not in that puffed up or smoothed on kind of way. Just a soft groundedness. A gentle humility. A fiery spirit. And comical gestures. He’s so Zen. More into the present than anyone I know. He lets trouble roll off him. Stuff that before might have irked him or pushed down his spirit, just slides right off. He seems fulfilled. Happy. He looks like he’s in his 60’s and still grins like a 3 year old. His hugs are just as warm and powerful as they were when I was 5. I have so much to be grateful for that starts with him. Happy Birthday Daddy. I miss you. I wish we weren't separated by 2 provinces.

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