Tuesday, July 3, 2007


It's been a while since I've written. sooo sorry but I was having too much fun paddling with gal pals, playing in waves, and meeting incredible people to sit and write.

I've been pondering connections, omens, and what I want out of life. Some answers where there were holes is the good news, and some holes where there were answers is the bad news--or at least a rising wave that I might need to surf some day.

Highlight of highlights: meeting author and speaker Jim Hayhurst on his back deck overlooking Georgian Bay. So terrific to see someone living life as he does--a Maverick and a Wagon Master. I couldn't have learned more if Yoda himself were there. If this sounds a bit obscure, good. We all need mystery and magic in our lives. If you don't have enough, I recommend buying The Right Mountain, written by J. Hayhurst.

Other highlights, not making the same mistake for the 20th time. I almost went there, but turned back before all the buffalo jumped off the cliff. Seems that you can reroute a stampede to safer ground. But the cliffs are always soooo interesting...

Thanks to my mother for weighing in with an opinion. Just in Time.

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