Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Watch for Signs

Reading Doon Wilkin's book Stumbling Toward Enlightenment, I'm reminded that there is not one path towards enlightenment. But as Coelho says, there are many clues that you are on the right path. Watch for omens--or signs that you are heading toward your destiny. For example, I had hoped that I might meet Doon one day. His book and life inspire me. I have/had many questions for him about my path and career and hoped that Canmore, the town we both live in, was small enough that we might meet.

The universe made that happen within a month or two. I joined the Toastmasters group newly formed in town, and who is a club mentor? Doon. Now he's my mentor, I'm helping him with some stuff and we are collaborating on a workshop. How cool is that? It pays to pay attention.

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