Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lens of Mindfulness--Photography Wabi Sabi

Just listened to podcast with photographer, Freeman Patterson, talking about his shifting belief in god when at divinity school, "Everyone supported you. Everyone left you alone. Just like a good relationship--distance and intimacy. Somehow my whole sense of God changed from  an authoritarian figure to one of sustained love."

"Being deeply and profoundly concerned about meaning. A non-religious person grabs a beer and watches 16 reality shows. In other words -- escaping life not confronting it. If you are not engaged, life cannot have any depth it seems. It's being engaged. Really engaged."

Opera singer, Rebecca Haas, is an avid photographer.
Contemplative photography helped her to discover how
"Taking a picture is a chance to align the eye, the mind and the heart."

Through photography, where seeing is valued more than gadgetry, reminds us of the value of, "Seeing things just how they are, not how we want them to be.
Tune in and pay attention rather than not notice. Go deeper." 

Reminds me of Sensei talking about going into the pain when I got injured. He guided me to I enter in to find the centre of the pain and explore what started it, rather than try to close off from the pain. usually, the pain went away or greatly diminished, or became part of me instead of my focus.

Engaging in the Wabi Sabi of our lives--taking in our world unvarnished, unpolished. As it is. Without judgement. Unconditional, sustained love.

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